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Crystal Work

Crystals are the gift from within the Mother Earth to help us heal and transcend. Crystals can support us in various ways and once you've learned to know and work with them, they can be your companion for a lifetime! 

Why Crystals?

Many crystal healers say that there is a crystal for everything and they might be right! There are so many crystals out there and they each have their unique meaning, properties and uses. You can use crystals, to help with stress relief, better focus, inner work, personal growth, spiritual work, enhancing intuitive gifts and abilities. You can use them to help you attract or maintain specific energy such as love, peace, calm, confidence, abundance and protection.


I love working with crystals because they are like supportive friends who are always there and you can even carry them with you or wear them as jewelry. As a healer and energy worker, I also bless and attune my crystals and crystal jewelry I make so there is always an extra loving energy to radiate all around wherever I am!

There are many ways to work with the crystals to feel the positive effects they can have on our lives. Some people wear them as jewelry, some carry them around, some meditate with them. But did you know that you can use them as part of a healing regime as in healing layouts? Gridding them is also another way to ask them to constantly attract certain energies into your life and environment. Adding them to your rituals can also give a power boost to your rituals. I sometimes add them to my energy healing sessions when I feel the call. I have done that both for in-person sessions and in healing sessions over a distance. If you want to read about my personal experiences with healing, spirituality and crystals, check out my blog!

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Green Agate
Green Agate

Healing With Crystals

When I'm tired and I need an extra boost in certain energy, crystals are my go-to choice. What can be more convenient than just laying down and holding a crystal in my hand or placing one on my body? It can be as simple as that! 

Crystals constantly radiate their energy around them so all you need to do is to be close enough to them. However, this might take some knowledge about them or some familiarization with them to feel which one works for you in which situation. And there are hundreds of crystals out there! It can be overwhelming for people who are new to the world of crystals or for those who just want help with healing without having to study hundreds and hundreds of crystals and energy work that you can do with crystals. Because you can do a lot more with crystals than just having them close by! But all that can take up a lot of time before you can begin to help yourself using crystals. It can be a fun and interesting experience but what if you need help with healing now? Or... What if you want to feel the benefits of crystals without having to start a collection of crystals? 

That's when a crystal healer or an energy healer with experience with crystal work can come in handy. Often, when I give a healing session, I can feel that my client needs an extra boost of certain energy and I as an energy worker with a wide range of interests, I add whatever is needed to the healing journey for the highest good of my clients, which can include adding a crystal into the healing session. This can be done both in person or over a distance. The crystal energy can be transmitted together with the healing energy. 

Already have a crystal but don't know what to do with it? Contact me for more details and to book a Personalized Crystal Coaching Session to help you get the best out of your existing crystal(s) and turn your crystal into a lifelong helpful friend, a Crystal Healing Session, or Crystal Reiki Session. Crystals have so much to offer, they deserve the chance to show you all the wonderful things they can do!

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