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Checking Cosmic Weather

Do you check the weather before you go out or make a plan? How often do you do that? I remember that growing up in the southern part of Thailand, it was either sunny or rainy, not a lot of options and the temperature was pretty much always above 20 degrees celsius. Which means, not much preparation was needed, clothes wise, except I might need a raincoat or an umbrella when it rained. Having spent half of my life in cold countries (first I studied in Russia and then I moved to Finland), I have come to understand the importance of weather forecast and dressing right for the weather! I mean, dressing for -5c when it's +7c is annoying, or worse, dresssing up for 1c when it's -10c!

The weather forecast equips me with the knowledge that helps me dress right for the weather, plan certain things or even how much time it could take me to get somewhere. I don't know about you, but it takes me a lot longer to get somewhere when it's icy, slippery and cold! For some, such as farmers and fishermen, the weather has an even greater impact on their lives and directly on their work! So, knowing and understanding the weather is helpful for our everyday life activities, I think everyone can agree on this. And this leads to the point of this blog post, which I would like to call 'cosmic weather'!

Here, I'm not talking about space weather and what's going on astronomically. I'm talking about the energy around us. Astrology might come into mind when speaking of the energy of the cosmos but astrology is not the only way to detect this 'energetic atmostphere' around us at a given time, although astrology can tell us a lot about what is going on, for example, as I'm writing, we just entered the final mercury retrograde of the year 2023 and I've already got a few 'confused' calls. Apart from astrology, we can get an idea of the kind of energy in the atmostphere also by means of numerology, tarot or from psychic senses as well as other forms of divination.

I understand that for some people, divination is associated with future telling, and often, on a

personal level. However, when used to their maximum capacities, those divination tools can tell us a lot more and on many different levels, from giving clarity to an immediate personal situation to getting a glimpse of the future of the collective human energy. And when we know, we can prepare ourselves better. If you would rather not know, I get it. If you feel like knowing without the ability to change anything is even more frustrating, I also hear you! After all, there are days when I do wish I could switch some stuff off. There are days I say, in my head, 'I don't want to know, so please stop showing me these things'. Sometimes I keep seeing a particular number on my phone that gets me to think 'not again!!!' and if I could change my phone clock into analogous instead of digital, I WOULD! And sometimes, I would go so far as to not look at my phone around a certain time of day to avoid seeing certain numbers, only to have someone text me at that exact hour and that exact minute that I was avoiding to see! I cannot tell you how annoying that can be! So, if you'd rather not know, I totally get you!

At the same time, I wish I was more psychic so I could channel exact information with all the details, and hopefully see if there was a way to turn things around. I mean, if I had more than just a rough idea of the energy, if I could just channel the details, then I would know exactly what would happen, how it would happen and maybe even how to deal with that, change or even prevent something from happening altogether. So while there are things I don't really want to know, I still wish I had more information to better prepare myself. I'm a doer, so I always try to figure out what to do, what to heal, how to solve the issue so that I, and my clients, can move on and move forward, towards a better place in life, a better situation and have better life quality in general. And THAT, cannot be done without knowing and seeing the reality of the situation we're in. Without clarity, we can easily go round and round in the same situation, stay stuck in a loop or pattern, just as we easily stumble in the dark.

Apart from the global tendency and situational energy, on a personal level, we also have our own constant frequency that we are in or often attract to us. It's like you look at the weather forecast for the day and you also know the local climate, you know what's common and uncommon, how much rain, how hot/cold and whatever else you can expect at a certain time of year and then something might happen, you might get heavier rain or snow than usual on a particular day, or even a flood, which is temporary and situational. Same can be said about us. On one level, there's a temporary or situational energy. Then on another we have our own life path, life lessons, certain energy we often surround ourselves with and then there's the collective energy. To illustrate my point, I think we can talk about the lockdown. That happened around the world, that's global energy, and then on top of that we had local regulations, and then we had our personal lives, all happening at the same time. With all the information, we were able to decide for ourselves what to do, how to proceed and how best to take care of our health and stay sane through the whole ordeal.

Understanding the 'cosmic weather' also helps us understand what's going on around us, and that can give peace of mind. Even when all is well in our perosnal lives, we still have to deal with other people, we are part of society and collective, and our energies interact all the time, so knowing what's going on on the collective level can also help us understand how to deal with others. For example, knowing beforehand that we, as a collective, may face hardships in the new future can be a signal for us to ground and center ourselves so when the time comes, we are able to keep our cool, help ourselves and even others. For example, I have a dear student in Morocco and right before the earthquake this year, he knew it, was able to keep his cool, warned his mother about it, and managed to help a few people who lived in the same building. While most of the time, what we encounter daily is not that dramatic, but even on a small scale, we can still equip ourselves with knowledge and understanding of what is going on or what is about to happen. For another example, now that we're in mercury retrograde, I'm not surprised at those confused phone calls I'm getting because I'm prepared that this could happen and I don't get sucked into the confusion and the energy of 'what is going on?' and panic. Also, knowing that mercury is in retrograde, I need to be grounded and be extra careful with schedules, plans and so on, to make sure everything goes smoothly as planned.

Let's talk about the personal 'climate' or personal path a bit. As mentioned above, we all have our own paths and life lessons, some are here to learn to love and give, others are here to learn boundaries and self-love, using ready-made doctrine without seeing the individuals can also be damaging. Take for example, most religions, if not all, talk about giving, about not being selfish, which is a beautiful thing! We need to help one another, that is true! However, there can be (and there are) situations where we go tell someone to be more generous and more helpful and that they should be self-less, when that person's life lesson is to stop prioritizing everyone else's need. Telling them to give more would really do them a lot more harm than good. People who need to learn to say 'no' but can't do it tend to end up in situations where they are taken advantage of, drained of energy or even money and as soon as they learn to set boundaries, things improve for them.

But how do we know what are our lessons? Often, if we live long enough, and if we're smart enough, at some point we will notice a pattern in various aspects such as love, money, family or even health and then we can work with it, although some people have reached old age without realizing what they needed to learn in this lifetime. Some people are sensitive and intuitive enough to know by simply asking the question to themselves or to their spirit guides/angels. For rest of us, it might not be obvious. Luckily though, the universe/God has given us so many tools to help ourselves and we don't even have to learn those tools ourselves, there are services available and we can readily access them either locally or online. There are people offer various types of readings to help us understand ourselves and our paths. There are also those who give insights into the temporary situations and there are even people who post about 'cosmic weather' on a global scale, like with astrological events, on their social media for free. The information is ready available and many of them (us, myself included) feel the call and need to share this knowledge with others so all anyone needs to do is just look!

For me, however, nothing beats a personalized session with an actual reader so there can be an interaction, discussion and soul-to-soul, heart-to-heart connection! Believe it or not, with the right reader, even just their presence during the session can make a huge difference in your energy shifts. When you get a personalized session that helps equip you with how to navigate your path, or even better, get a tailored healing session to help you overcome obstacles, learn, grow and heal, then things get better for you. In that case, even the collective energy won't bother you as much. For example, now I'm seeing a lot of miscommunication around me and even transport strike in Helsinki during this mercury retrograde but on a personal level, I'm not suffering badly fom it. I'm not as affected as some people are. So I encourage you to talk to a real person, a good reader. Besides, there are so many scams and frauds out there that sometimes it's hard to know who to trust. So my suggestion would be, go to someone you trust, or if your friends and family know someone they trust, you can start from there, if not, you can also look online and try a few people and see how you like them!

Understanding our own paths, global tendency and temporary/situational energies can be extremely helpful for our personal growth. With the understanding of what is going on, we can also make a better choice for ourselves. Also, sometimes, with the knowledge, we are able to act and change things for the better, although other times, all we can do is prepare ourselves for what is to come. But even then, it can make it easier for us to navigate when we are mentally prepared and are not in shock. The knowledge is out there and available, what we choose to do with it is really up to us. Personally, I occasionally check the 'cosmic weather', what about you?

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