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Spirituality ...Or Magic?

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

In one of my previous posts I shared my view on what I call spirituality in relation to psychic abilities. In this post we're going to look at spirituality and magic. It's actually not very different from that post, except for some details.

I like calling things as they are and discuss things as they are, and for a long time I've been observing a lot of people with their practices and I still wonder if they truly understand what they are doing. Let me go slightly off-topic a bit. The word spirituality in Thai is very interesting. In modern days, it is transliterated into the word that derives from words meaning mind and soul (our understanding of the mind is that not only it's connected to the heart, it is also connected to the soul, and we have to words for heart, one more used in the sense of physical heart and the other is this one that is connected to the mind and soul). Personally, I prefer the older term that seems a little too religious for many people, the term means 'walk the path of Dharma'. It's about walking the path of the true nature of reality, of truth, of the soul, of the spirit. If you are in alignment with the universal laws and truth, you would choose the path of less sufferings, which implies that you would choose to improve yourself. And this is what I have already mentioned in my other post. If you are spiritual or practice spirituality, you learn more about yourself and you try to work with yourself, with your mind, your emotions and your life. You do your inner work!

I also mentioned in that post that many people tend to gain some sort of psychic abilities or

become a lot more intuitive as a result because their minds become still which makes it easier to be in touch with intuition and feel the connection with the universe itself. Some spiritual people might also gain the ability to help facilitate healing. I'm sure you have heard of faith healers and people who heal others with prayers (if not, then you know now!), like priests, monks or even some 'ordinary' but religious people who pray all the time, such as my mother, but then again, she comes from a long line of healers so this might be a different case. I have a very close soul brother who is quite a prayer! I mean, anyone can feel the energy just from listening to him pray. As a matter of fact, when I feel so out of whack, with zero energy to even help myself, or I need to recruit help, he's one of the very few I ask help from. He's possibly the only one I ask help from unless it's a life-or-death situation when I need all the help I could get, then I ask more people to help, but otherwise, I just ask him. I do feel the energy even when I can't hear him pray, I know he's praying for me because I can feel it. Maybe that is also due to the soul connection we have... There are many factors contributing to how and why this type of healing works, there is a mechanism there which I'm not getting into here.

As you can see, many spiritual people develop amazing abilities while they're working on themselves. However, just like I said in my other post, having these abilities doesn't automatically make you spiritual. There are people who were born with these skills and if they choose to also work on themselves as well, then they are also spiritual. The two can go hand in hand. If you're asking, what's praying and healing got to do with magic, you're getting your answer in a bit.

Let me ask you this first, what is magic? How do you define this word? Is something magical

because you cannot explain it scientifically? What about when science can explain it, will it still be magic? I keep thinking of what was considered witchcrafts in the old days whenever I ask this question. A few centuries ago, if someone could brew something and it helps cure an ailment, that person could have been called a witch (think of the word potion) when nowadays we have herbalists (they also brew medicinal tea or decoction), or really good dietician who can help you with certain health issues just by changing your diet. That is no (longer a) witchcraft. Or if someone (back then) could talk someone and reprogram people's belief systems and heal them that way, he or she would probably be considered a which, too, no? Nowadays we have hypnotherapists. That is no witchcraft. So now that science has developed so much and we can explain so many things, a lot of things are no longer witchcraft and no longer 'magical'. So does magic still exists?

If you define magic by the lack of scientific explanations then there might still be some magic

around, such as healing phenomenon as seen in Reiki or other energy healing modalities. Science has been able to prove it works but not how or why. If you are like me and define the word magic differently then you'll begin to see a lot of magic around and even in you! How do I define magic? Simple! For me, it's the manipulation of energy for certain purposes. I understand that the word manipulation has quite some negative connotation to it but let's agree on what I mean here in this context. Manipulation here is about utilizing energy. Energy is everywhere and everything has energy. However, we have the ability (and choice) to work, enhance, diminish or direct (manipulate) energy in order to create reality. Take the healing phenomenon, for example. An energy healer (someone who works with an energy modality to help others heal) is no more than a channel for the energy to come through, he or she has the ability to channel and direct that healing energy to the recipient. Even someone who helps others by praying has the ability to focus and direct the prayers to the recipient.

People who are healers usually are those with compassion and care, and they want to help others. Often these are the people who also want to develop themselves and grow, so we have the healing magic and spirituality together, so what's my problem? My problem is, there are people who 'manipulate energy' for their own gain. I'm fine if people manipulate energy to help themselves heal. I'm happy people try anything to heal, to be honest, because you cannot buy health! You can only take care of it and maintain it. But if only this was the only thing they use magic for... I'm pretty sure a lot of people are going to hate me for what I'm about to say, but this is how I really see it.

Have you heard of courses, books, seminars or programs to help you attract ANYTHING you

want? Have you noticed that usually, they use the power of your mind? If you've been following me long enough then you'd know how I emphasize on mental health. It's not only because it's the source of a lot of sufferings and it can be the cause of physical illnesses, your thoughts are powerful. Thoughts are energy and they can be utilized in many ways. Thoughts and ideas are the beginning of any creation and projects. We start with thoughts, ideas and plans. We don't start creating without an idea. We can think ourselves sick and we can think ourselves well. Your mind is a very powerful thing! So if you manipulate energy for a specific purpose by using the power of your mind, in this sense, you are doing magic, at least for me. Now that we're pretty much on the same page with what I call magic, let's go the next part.

Magic is magic, just like many other things, it is a tool and how you use it determines whether it's black or white. Just like a surgeon can use a knife to help a patient in operation, but a knife used by a criminal becomes a weapon that can harm others. You can use magic for healing, and you can even attract new things in life, but when you don't work on yourself, then it is just magic, with no spirituality in it. Believe me I have come across people who say they are

spiritual but they don't want to do their inner work or grow, they are just after magical power, the more 'supernatural', the better! This is what I have a problem with. How does this help them heal or grow? How would that help them align themselves with their souls' purpose? It's one thing to want materialistic objects, but when it involves other people, like with relationships, things can get very complicated. While there is nothing wrong with wanting a relationship, we're all human beings after all, there are times when it's not just about wanting a new relationship or wanting the existing relationship to work. I mean, there are people who want their ex back, at all cost. Wouldn't this interfere with the other person's will? This, to me, is already on the side of black magic. This is actually so common that where I'm from, even people who have nothing to do with magic would have heard of certain rituals and ceremonies to 'bind' lovers or bring someone back to the previous lover. Actually, I recently saw a cake decorated to details with items used in these rituals, oh don't worry, those items were made with sugar fondant, not the real stuff. A lot of people saw this picture, which was on a weird (looking) food page in Thailand and their reactions were one of amusement. I, myself, actually laughed when I saw it because it was funny, and it was meant to be a funny/sarcastic cake. But the fact that a common baker knows what goes into the ritual and thousands of common people 'get it' by looking at the picture, with no explanation, shows how common this whole thing is, and I don't mean just the ritual, I also mean that people would do anything to return their ex lovers!

Let me get a bit sidetracked here. You might have also noticed that I emphasize on the healing a lot. Yes, I do care about health and well-being, but what if I told you that sometimes, you don't need to 'attract' anything because what's stopping you from getting what you want is your unresolved issues, stuff that needs healing? So once you're healed, you unblock yourself from those barriers that keep you from what you need and want in this life. What if we block ourselves by not healing our issues? So we basically block ourselves from being happy! I want to see more happy people around me, the energy is so much better that way!

Back to the point. Magic is magic. I love energy work so, of course, I love magic, but magic and spirituality are not one and the same. You can use magic to help in your spiritual path, and you can practice spirituality and naturally gain 'magical powers'. Magic and spirituality can walk hand in hand or separately, the choice is yours.

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