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Introducing the basic course on numerology! More courses are to come. Stay tuned for updates!

Available courses:

  • The Art Of Healing. An in depth program on energy healing with focus on Reiki. In this program you will learn various meditation methods for self growth and inner work, various energy healing modalities with focus on Reiki, symbolism and how to work with them. I have put together all my knowledge, upbringing and training into this program to help you become the compassionate and more conscious healer that the world really needs!

  • Dreams Unveiled. A unique opportunity to learn to decipher your dreams and understand what your dreams are trying to tell you.

  • Numerology Basics. Introduction to numerology, fundamental understanding of numerology chart and how to calculate your personal basic chart.

  • If you want to dive in to the world of numerology, try my intensive course 'Numerology: Decoding your life's blueprint'!

  • Already know your numerology archetype? Need to work on different aspects of yourself? Want to become more aligned with different sides of you? Try my Healing With Numbers Course!

  • You can also find my free relaxation meditation session here!


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