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Tarot Therapy

Have you ever experienced a situation when you need a helping hand or a little guidance? Maybe you try to work something out but are unsure of what to do? I've been there, too, and I know I can be very indecisive, especially when it comes to decision making. Tarot has helped give me and my clients clarity to truly see the situation, which is crucial for any decision making, problem solving or just to understand where we are in that particular moment, what is likely to happen if we continue that path and what can be done to help improve the situation.

Though classified as a divination method, Tarot reading is more than that. Tarot counseling can be very therapeutic. With the help of a reading session, a lot of insight can be gained. 

Tarot readings are a great way to gain clarification of your life situation. Tarot cards pick up your energy, reflects on your life situation and the very likely outcome in the near future if nothing is changed. Even though we think we know what is happening but all the thoughts in our heads and energies become much clearer once we can see it reflected in the cards. Suddenly, things become more apparent. We can consults with the cards about choices we could make. It is a great way to help with decision making as well as seeing the direction to take in order to heal and become happier.

Here are my thoughts regarding working with Tarot:

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