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2021 What Are We In For?

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

It only came to my mind that the video I made on Facebook about this year's numerology

reading might not be enough, I need to write about it, too, so here it is! Before I begin, let me tell you a little bit about numerology. For many, numerology, astrology and Tarot are means for divination, fortune telling, predictions. For me, it's a tool for growth and healing! Each number has its own vibration and meaning and once you're familiar with them you will begin to see hidden messages that the universe might try to give you. You have your own set of numbers hidden in your name and birthday, and they can tell a lot about you. When you know that, you get to really see yourself from a different angle, you see a reflection of your personality, strength, life challenges and all of which are information to help you overcome your challenges and to grow as a soul.

Numbers also exist everywhere else all around us, if we only look. When I started learning numerology, I was pretty focused on personal numerology charts. I was fascinated by

what the numbers can tell me about people, I was excited to create charts for people and give them counseling with it. I began to do numerology for business names and just names in general, for fun, then I realized that names and numbers are everywhere. I began to see numbers everywhere I looked. I also tried to understand if those were messages for me. And I began to see more than just the digits. Let me give you an example of an experience that really shook me. I moved into an apartment number 16 and I didn't noticed it when I was signing the contract I only realized it when I had moved in. I was terrified, 16 isn't my favorite number. 16 reduces to 7 and although 7 is about going within and healing, 7 derived from 16 is the type of 7 that will force you to face your stuff, no escape! And loads of issues emerged. It was my own doing, so I couldn't really blame anyone, but there was no getting away from the issues this time, I had to solve them. This was one of many times I saw the hidden message to help me mentally prepare for what was to come, and how to deal with the situation. Then I decided to do the numerology reading for 2020. I didn't even understand the depth of the message as I was typing away that PDF file over a year ago, but I got goosebumps the whole time and I felt like sharing with as many people as possible. I knew something big was going to happen but I didn't know in which form. Ever since, I've become a believer in deciphering numbers!

So this time around, I intend to share with as many people as I can about what I see in the

numbers 2021. Don't worry, it's not 2020 all over again. It's different! You see, normally, when people do numerology calculation, 2021 would be reduced to 5, like 2020 would be 4, and it is, except there is extra! 2021 carries the energy of 5, no arguing with that. And what does 5 mean? 5 is about changes, growth, movement (in every sense, including rallies and protests), 5 is also about freedom! So after a year of stagnancy and being literally grounded (4 is quite grounding, actually), something needs to change. Energy needs to move and we cannot sit still anymore. No wonder why in January, as the first month of the year, the beginning of the changes, some energy had to burst and let's admit it, January didn't start with a lot of peace or fun... But then again, the question 'how' the energy of 5 plays out depends on where you are and how much inner work you have done. Different people might experience the same situation differently, besides, this is just the external influence, we all have our own unique, inner number and personal year number, which means each of us still has to go through our own things although 5 will be felt everywhere, outside of us. For example, this year is my personal year 7, which means the energy encourages me to give myself more healing, planning, mental work and going inward, but with the universal (calendar) year 5, things can move quickly for me in those areas.

But that's not all there is for 2021. Look at the components. I do like looking at details when it comes to numbers. The single digit in the end is only half of the fun for me. So bear with me and take a closer look, we have 2, 0, 2, 1. Let's look at the meaning of the components. 2 is about intuition, balance, partnership and we have two of that so the energy is very strong. Then we have 1. One is about beginning, movement, will, initiation. It's very dynamic. Zero is normally discarded during the calculation process but keep in mind that it's there because sometimes, it can help you see something very hidden. So we see that for the year of change, we have dynamic of the 1 and the intuition and even partnership of the double 2. By the way, 1 is also very speedy, so the 'fast movement' element may be enhanced. What I see is that this year, things will move quickly but we might need to work together as a collective to reach the freedom we need. Basically, we had/have a lesson to learn, as a collective and we need to move forward quickly. A lot of people in the spiritual community have been talking about raising consciousness for a while. What could really force you to be with yourself and work on yourself than being 'grounded' and isolated? However, that should not last forever. We need to learn, grow and get out of the situation.

In the video I also talked about the energy of each month as I went through each month of the year, I will briefly go through each month here. We already mentioned January and its unsettling energy, and it seemed to calm down a bit towards the end. This month, February, should be a lot calmer. It has the energy of going in, of healing, it's normally quiet except there can be a few challenging days but that's part of the cycle. It's should be rather quiet, at least on the surface, for most part. March is interesting. The energy has many faces so, again, depending on where you are, you might experience totally different things than the rest of us. The energy of March

is one of organization. On a good day, it's about getting things in order, manifesting abundance, on a bad day, it can be restrictive, some sort of power struggle, so to speak, but I would say it should be mostly good. April can bring an end to certain situations, something concrete and tangible might come up here. More changes might happen in May, there can be some really heavy days. June is supposed to be more balanced but heaviness still hangs in the air, the balance and partnership need to be worked on. July can see come creation and creativity but for some, it's also about letting certain things go before they can create something new. August might not bring relief, some things need to be transformed and changed. Grounding is really needed. September is about changes once again but in a more balanced manner, it can also be about compromises, working things out, putting things together to solve some situations. October sees more of the personal life, for some it's about love, family and relationship, for others, it's about desire and beauty. November... I'm not sure which one is heavier, August or November. If May and June contains some heavy days, August and November carry heaviness most of the time throughout the months. November is when you'd be forced to really work on your stuff, if you have managed to avoid doing so up until then. For those of us who have learned their lessons, this is another down time, time to rest, catch our breath and heal, for those who have avoided doing what needed to be done, there would be no escaping here. December sees more hope and strength, maybe even results of all the good work you've done can take visible shape here.

All in all, it might not be a walk in the park but energy is definitely shifting, and whatever

happens, it will push us to grow and become more aligned and eventually, we should find the freedom and joy we long for. This reading is for general energy that can be felt on a global scale. As I mentioned above, each of us goes through different experiences depending on where we are in our growth and where we are geographically. If you are interested in finding out what is in store for you on a personal level, I recommend getting a personalized reading. Although, this general energy should be felt around you regardless of your personal theme and this reading could be used as a guideline on what to expect and perhaps how best to handle your situation. Remember, challenges are for us to overcome so we can grow and we will get through this. In the end, we're on the path of becoming more aligned with our higher selves so we can suffer less.

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