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Can You Be Psychic But Not Know It?

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

To many of us, the ability to retrieve information out of thin air, see beyond what the physical eyes can see and communicate with beings in or from other dimensions is fascinating. A lot of people go to psychics and mediums to learn about their lives or their loved ones who may or may not be among us. Knowledge brings peace of mind. Knowing gives some sort of relief or even closure. But there is more to it than predicting the future and channeling information about loved ones. And while most of us may think that you're psychic or you aren't, and there's nothing in between and it's also reserved to only the gifted ones, the truth is, there is a huge gray area and, believe it or not, we can become more intuitive!

Let's discuss intuition a bit. Intuition is like a sense and we all have it. Think about all the times people talk about the gut feeling. I'm sure we all have experienced moments when we have 'that feeling'. You might even remember the times you had a feeling about something but you didn't listen to it and things didn't turn out so well for you. Maybe you've also experienced the opposite, when you listened to the gut feeling and then something great happened. This

happens to everyone of us. This is something we all have. In fact, we were all born with this ability. It is supposed to be our guide, something that nudges us in the right direction. It's a channel to the divine. Remember that we're all sparks of the divine and we weren't thrown here on earth without any connection to the divinity. And how else can we communicate with the divine or receive information if we're not given some kind of channel to tune into? Some of us just know things, others feel or 'see' things, but we all have a channel open. The question is, however, do we listen to it when we receive something?

I'm one of those who think that clairvoyance and the ability to channel information are awesome. I do wish I was psychic, there is so much I want to learn and know. I'm not very interested in spying on anyone else's life. If asked, I would get necessary information that helps them (if I had the ability to), otherwise, I'd probably be talking to plants and crystals. Unfortunately, if I tried to have a conversation with my crystals now, there would just be silence. So in this sense, I feel like I'm no psychic. On the other hand though, I can't say that my intuition channel is closed, locked and barred, either.

When I give healing sessions, I do feel something in my hands. It doesn't matter if I'm working on the client in person or I'm doing it over a distance, I get the buzz in my hands. I've been doing this long enough to notice that there are different kinds of buzzing and that tells me the intensity of pain or energy block and even the type of pain sometimes. For example, recently I sent some healing to a client and the buzzing was dull, it was like a dull ache but it was everywhere so I sensed it was more of extreme tiredness, the type of fatigue that makes you just want to spend days sleeping and weeping. I later messaged this client about that feeling I got and she said she had been crying and sleeping a lot in the past few days. So I felt it and it was pretty accurate. While I still can't talk to my crystals, I do feel them. It might take a while but eventually I feel them. Some make me feel light and bubbly, some are relaxing and some are protective.

I also see a lot of things in dreams and dreams are one of the oldest channel people have used since antiquity to receive information. While most of my dreams are about myself, my inner reality and the direction I'm going, now and then I get dreams for other people, too. I have had to give healing to ghosts in dreams as well. I have had ghosts visiting me in dreams and in the morning I would tell the living relative of the ghost what I saw. Thank goodness that doesn't happen a lot, I still get spooked when it comes to ghosts... However, I think my issue right now is I don't always understand what I'm feeling or getting. And when I don't understand, my head tends to step in and I begin to argue with myself, in my head. It hardly ever ends well. For example, there was a period of time several years ago when I would go to the supermarket and then find myself staring at something on a shelf and then wondered why I was staring at it then I would argue that I didn't need it, only to go home and found that I needed to buy exactly that. This happened so much that once I checked my fridge before I went to do my groceries shopping. I knew I was going to cook something and I would need jalapeno, so I opened the fridge, saw that I still had a jar of it there. I went to the supermarket, then I found myself staring at jalapeno and I was really annoyed. I started saying (in my head) that I already checked, I had it and no I was NOT going to buy it! I didn't buy jalapeno. I went home, started cooking, grabbed the jar, opened it... I saw mold! So that was why I needed to make that purchase. Did I listen to myself/my intuition? Nope! And did I learn? No!

There's a more recent story to tell. I love Northern Lights and used to 'hunt' them. A few days ago there was a forecast for a minor solar storm with 5Kp. I knew there was a possibility for me to see those beautiful lights during the weekend so I was excited. On Friday, somehow I felt so sleepy that I spent hours napping and resting on the sofa, not understanding why. At night, from 10pm I began to check the activities, everything was looking great but then the Kp began to drop. I wasn't very tired because I slept during the day but my head interfered and said it was close to midnight, the Kp had dropped, I "should" sleep. All very logical, no? Oh yes, I went to sleep at around midnight only to find out the next morning that the lights were visible at around 1 am! I was furious! I was so mad at myself for being 'stupid' AGAIN! I was given the head start by being knocked out during the day so I wouldn't feel so tired when I had to stay up but did I stay up? My close friends all received my messages about how mad I was at myself for not listening to the intuition/spirit guide/angels and I missed my chance to see the northern lights. It was quite a show, judging from all the photos people took and posted on Facebook. I was given a head start, and I blew it!

I can't tell you how many times I didn't listen to my intuition and ended up wanting to kick myself in the butt for that. Yet, I still do it. I still ignore the intuition, the little 'voices' or 'feelings'. I'm sure you can relate. I'm sure we have all done that. And for some of us, this is where it starts if we want to become more intuitive. We need to start listening to ourselves, to our own intuition and then bit by bit build that trust, strengthen that channel so that we can receive more messages and allow more information to flow to and through us. There are also times when you just need to trust. What does trust have to do with it? Let me tell you another story!

I first picked up Tarot cards when I was 11, and that was about 30 years ago. I've had an on-and-off relationship with Tarot. I first quit it because some people wouldn't get a life. I was a kid and I got annoyed that some adults wouldn't live their lives and they would just ask me to see what the cards say. Though now I know better and understand that cards can give a lot of insights and we all need help here and there, my child self was annoyed enough to stop doing the readings. Then later when I picked them up again I was at the point in my life when I had begun to doubt everything. I began to doubt if I really could interpret the cards. I felt like I didn't know what I was doing. It took me years of confirmation from other people that the readings were good and helpful before I gained some 'trust' back. Still, I didn't like giving Tarot readings. It made me nervous. But I kept working on my issue until I got to the point where I was a lot more comfortable with the readings. Then something happened.

Someone who was dear to me asked for a reading. I told him what I saw in the cards and I also told him that I had a bad feeling about it. The person was thinking of renting a second home in another country. The cards weren't the worst you could get but they weren't great, either, and I had a feeling it was more towards potentially bad. I told him that. As a result, I got yelled at. We spent the next few days arguing on the phone. The person even began to lecture me on how a professional Tarot reader should behave, on and on. It wasn't very pretty. Later, it turned out, the place was haunted. And a few months later we faced the first lockdown (this happened in 2020). With everything that was happening globally, I hadn't thought about this incident again. Much later I realized that if the friend had signed the rent contract, he wouldn't have been able to even visit the place. Think of all the monetary loss and troubles that I saved him from. And what did I get in return? I didn't even receive an apology for all the yelling I got, forget the 'thanks'! But it also taught me a great lesson. A lesson of trust! I know what I know and I should not let anyone make me doubt myself. If I feel it with all my being, then I need to express it, if someone doesn't like what I say, it shouldn't be my problem. If you ask me to say what I think, I will be gentle, I'll even be diplomatic, but I will say what I think or how I feel. Don't ask me if you don't want to hear it. I won't allow anyone to shatter the confidence that I spent years to regain again.

So now when I feel that I really know it, I trust it. Because when I know it, I really know it. However, there is that area when I don't know or I'm not sure what it is I'm feeling. So there is this question of listening to the gut feelings when I'm not sure what it is, when I don't know it or I don't understand it (yet). This is what I still need to work on. And this is what a lot of us need to work on if we want to be more in tune with the divine information that can help us do the right things for ourselves. Once again, we need to learn to listen to the intuition and then more and more information will come through with time and practice. You can take psychic courses if you want but it will still come down to you listening and trusting yourself. Those courses work for many people but there are others who need a different approach. I know it because I have taken at least a couple of those courses which did absolutely nothing to me. I thought, then, that I just wasn't gifted with that ability. I know now that it's not the case.

So, even if you think you're not gifted, you're not psychic, or you're not intuitive, remember the gut feeling moments you've had. It's always been there and it still is there somewhere inside of you. If you can work with that and develop it, who knows how far you could go with it? Maybe you have the psychic abilities but you never knew it because you never got help to develop it. So before you convince yourself that you're not psychic, I would advise you to get some guidance and work on developing your intuition. You might be surprised! Maybe you ARE psychic but you just don't know it yet!

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