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Can You Sleep With Pyrite?

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

A lot of crystals and stones are calming and soothing. Many of them radiate relaxing energy, which is why some people use them for stress and even for better sleep. However, not all of them have the same effects and your personal energy is also an important factor to take into consideration which stone you need to work with and how you react to each of them. While the stones have their 'general' frequencies, uses, properties and meanings, how we really experience and interact with each of them is always unique to us. I'm sharing another one of my experience here, this time, it's with a pyrite.

I have a habit of taking a crystal or two to bed with me and in one of my previous blogposts I mentioned working with my black obsidian mirror. After the first night of intense vision/dream, I have been sleeping pretty well with it in my bed. I have to admit, a lot of stuff have come up since I started working with the obsidian mirror. They all were pretty direct, even brutal, but all of the issues needed to be addressed so I'm grateful for that. Besides, 2021 was my personal year of healing, so things were waiting to be cleared up. It wasn't easy but it was necessary. Apart from that, I still keep my black mirror next to my pillow and sleep pretty well. I know at least 2 people who cannot sleep close to a black obsidian. The stone means business and it just starts working with you straight away. Somehow, it's protective quality helps me sleep. Selenite is also pretty nice and I used to sleep with it under my pillow, until I broke it. I've cracked a few selenite pieces already...

Anyway, so one night, I took a pyrite cube to bed with me. I usually meditate with my crystals first, to feel them, but that night I grab my pyrite and took it to bed, thinking I could meditate with it in bed a bit before I sleep. Well, I have to say that was a lesson to remember! What happened? You see, I love pyrite's metallic luster, I like the way it grows so I actually prefer raw or cube pyrite pieces. I'm not a fan of tumbled pyrite though in general, I love tumbled stones. That would be my usual preference. I like the golden color. Pyrite is known to be a stone of wealth, success, protection and self-esteem. It's actually a stone for solar plexus, if you want to think in terms of chakras. It is really quite similar to tiger's eye, in terms of what it does. In fact, I need to tell you a bit about my tiger's eye.

My Tiger's Eye

I bought these 2 stones on the same day, from different places. I already had tiger's eye stones at home but this piece just caught my eye. It has black (dark blue?) and brown patterns. All my tiger's eye pieces at home are of the brown type. I liked this mixed color and I don't come across this pattern very often so I had to get it. The shop owner even dowsed for me and said that I only needed that one, out of the 3 stones I was buying. I started meditating with it. I also have a habit of lying on my back and having the stone on my forehead, I seem to feel or understand the stone better that way. So there I was, on my back, eyes closed, with my tiger's eye on my forehead. I found it was not bad for relaxing but something got stirred up. I became irritated with a few things. This happened several times and then I realized that it was always about someone asking for something which was actually overstepping my boundaries. And the irritated feeling was an indication (to me, in this case) that I needed to protect my own interest.

You see, there are people who need to learn to give more and become less selfish, and there also are people who need to learn to protect themselves and their boundaries. I belong to the latter group. I know I need to take care of myself better and that was also why I bought these stones. While I wouldn't mind the energy of success these stones can bring, my real issue to resolve is about my 'self', my blurry boundaries, my overly kind nature which has allowed too many to take advantage of my kindness. These rocks are supposed to help (along with all other modalities I use and self work to help myself with this issue). They can be a good reminder and gentle nudge when you 'slip', a support system for your energy while you work on your issue. So I bought these for those purposes. I started with tiger's eye and felt the 'nudge' to have my clear boundaries. It was fine, and I even took it to bed and I slept just fine.

Then I thought I'd try Pyrite next, see if there was any difference between these two stones. But on that day I was busy and thought I'd just meditate before bed so I took pyrite to bed with me, expecting similar effects to the tiger's eye. Pyrite brought up similar, or even the same issues, but there was nothing soothing and calming about it. I began to realize a few things and even got angry. I don't think pyrite is supposed to make anyone angry, but anger was needed to propel me forward, to get out of that state, to make a change! I'm sure you all know that anger is not good for you, it stresses you out and it hurts you from the inside. This is why religions and spiritual practices tell you not to get angry. However, anger has its function. If we don't get angry enough, would we (want to) change a situation? When we feel apathy or sad, we don't and we probably can't act because we feel so depleted of energy. On the contrary, when we're angry, the fire is burning, we need to do something. And that's the function of anger. This doesn't mean I encourage anyone to get angry. No, not at all. If you're very angry and there's nothing you can do or you don't know how to let it out and channel it into something creative and positive, that same anger can be destructive to you and everyone around you. So no, I don't recommend anger. But if we already feel that anger coming up, we need to work with it and do what has to be done and then let go of it.

So I got angry because I needed change and anger kicked me out of an even lower frequency that I sometimes fall into. I recognized it, acknowledge it, worked out where it came from, what it was about and understood what I still had to do. Anger served its purpose, great! Except it was hard to fall asleep after that. I needed to calm down. I needed to work out the anger and I needed my sleep. Continuing working with my self-esteem and boundaries issue at that hour would not do me any good so I got up, put the pyrite away, grabbed a different

stone instead, so I could finally fall asleep. Maybe it was not just pyrite, but the combination of pyrite and the cubic shape that made the energy so 'blunt' and direct. Whatever it was, I never took pyrite to bed again since, though I still meditate with it and when I do that I'm not angry anymore, I can pretty much relax with it on me now. Still, I prefer other stones or stone combinations for my bed time and I still like my obsidian close to me when I sleep. Call me weird but this is how I react to these rocks. You might react differently. Maybe you are in a good place with your 'self' that you feel nothing with pyrite or tiger's eye. Maybe you can't sleep with obsidian near you like some people I know. Maybe you even dislike my favorite crystal, selenite! Whatever it is, it's about you and your relationship with your stones. I might be able to suggest a few crystals for you but in the end, you still need to see which one works for you. How you work with your stones will be your own unique experience!

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