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Healing And Spiritual Growth

Most people associate healing with health, usually physical. Some also understand that healing helps with emotional and mental well-being as well and although many do associate energy healing with spirituality, not a lot of people actually understand that energy healing can help with spiritual growth. It's like a cliché that if you're spiritual then you do yoga, meditate and do some kind of healing. But how is it that energy healing can help with spiritual growth?

First of all, we need to understand that true healing is different from curing from symptoms. While there are times when all we could do is to manage the pain but what I'm referring to here is more like taking the pill to numb the pain so we can get on with life and forget the issues we have. Healing is about looking at it and try to heal it and hopefully it never comes back! Think about it this way, a lot of physical illnesses and diseases stem from mental health issues. Some illnesses are purely psychological, some are the results of bottled up emotions that we don't know how to release. If we can tackle the root cause of the problem, then we also remove the symptoms. This is what healing should be about. And there's another important thing to understand.

We, humans, are complex. We have different aspects of us that are interconnected. We are physical and spiritual at the same time. Oftentimes, we get "sick" because there is something we need to learn. For example, we are impatient and restless, the only thing to stop us or slow us down is to have an accident. It can be a small one, like a cut while chopping vegetables, banging your knee somewhere. In these situations, our minds are not even here, we're either worrying about something or getting upset about something that has happened. These little accidents teach us to be more mindful, to be present. Sometimes, what we really have to deal with is our own emotions and how we react to situations in life. We are here to experience and then let certain things go. Accumulated unreleased, heavy emotions can be stored at the cellular level, in our physical bodies, especially in our organs. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) this is recognized and studied, for example, anger is stored in liver, which means that when you work with anger, the points to press for acupressure (or acupuncture) would include a liver point, among other things, to stimulate emotion release.

Spiritual growth is about learning who we truly are, learning about ourselves, about life and soul lessons. Often, when we face a challenge and we deal with it, we learn a lot along the way, not just how to solve the issue at hand but also about ourselves, how we actually deal with the problem, how we usually react to similar situations, what causes it and hopefully how to prevent it from happeninging again in the future. When you go to a healer and get energy healing, often you don't just go there, get a treatment, get up and leave. There usually is a discussion time and things can come up during the session. You might go for a treatment because you tend to get stiff shoulders. Let's say you see a massage therapist weekly and next time you go for your massage appointment it's as if you've never had a massage before, then you decide to try something else for whatever reason and get energy healing. During the session something comes up and helps you realize that you actually carry a lot of weight in your life, figuratively speaking. You become more aware of yourself and your life, you're learning and growing. You get to talk about it, see your life situation as it is, get energy healing to help resolve that issue and resolve the energy around it. Often, the energy healing also gently helps you see your situation and when you are conscious about your issue, then you also find relief in the body and if there's still any residual stagnation in your body then it can be removed with some other, more physical therapies like massage, acupuncture, reflexology and the so on, and then all is good, no more weekly visits to the massage therapist!

It's worth mentioning, though, that there are many ways for the underlying spiritual growth issues to come up when you get healing. Personally, I always talk to my clients, I usually ask them about their life situations to bring their awareness to their own lives. Stuff can pop up here or at least I will get a hint of what the whole thing is about, energetically. Not everyone likes to talk and share, though, some people might not even be aware that they are actually going through some stuff. If they don't bring up anything during the conversation then often during the session something definitely comes up. There are usually places in their bodies or energy field that would feel off and I would ask them about those areas. I just let them know how it feels for me during the session, I don't give diagnosis but I do tell them where it feels like attention is needed and we discuss more. Sometimes, I might just get information and I would share with them and see if they recognize anything. For example, I once sent healing to a client that I had never met and knew nothing about. The person found my number and called. During the session I saw that something was stuck in the legs/lower body and it felt like there was disconnection with the earth. I told the person and also asked if they had grounding issues and they said it was one of the main issues they had!

There are also people who just refuse to see their issues. I've met those, too, and there is one particular case that I remember that discussion did nothing. Luckily, that person kept coming back for healing sessions and after a while they made a realization, the person started talking and said it just occurred to them that they had such and such issue and they had tried to avoid it as long as they could but now they could see it! Finally!!! Needless to say, once they realized what their issue was, a lot of things began to resolve and later sessions worked much faster! Consciousness raised, lesson learned, then they could move on! So apart from the 'scientifically proven facts' about physical pain relief and stress management, energy healing can do so much more and it can help you on multiple levels (and dimensions)!

While energy healing cannot help you grow a limb if you've lost one (or anything of the sorts), it can help you a lot. Regular healing of any kind should part of our maintenance to keep our body, mind and spirit healthy. Think of the things we could do for ourselves and others, for the the world, when we are not bogged down by pain, troubles and worries. In the end, we are also here to learn about love. love for the self, among other kinds of love. The non-egotistic love, the love that propels us forward, towards growth. Do we love ourselves enough to take care of our own selves? Take care of your temple, as Jesus said. Your body IS your temple! Do we also love others enough to make sure we can show up for them fully when needed? And how can we show up fully if we're still deep in pain? Do we love ourselves enough to take care of our vessels until the day we return to the source?

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