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Mirror Mirror...

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

'Mirror, Mirror on the wall...' is something a lot of us may remember from a Disney cartoon or from movies. The magic mirror shows the evil queen that the fairest one of all was Snow White. The mirror does not lie, it tells the truth. And although this is fictional, there is something in reality that you can probably call a 'magic mirror'. It is an object that can show you the truth. Some of you might think of crystal gazing where the psychic looks into a crystal ball to receive information, some might even think of black mirror scrying. While crystal gazing helps some psychics and mediums search for answers, it is the black mirror that can reflect back to you what is in the depth of your soul. And it's the black mirror that I want to talk about in this post.

I like crystals. No, scratch that, I LOVE crystals. I guess I could call them my spiritual bling. I can't say I have a big collection of crystals but I do love them, I love looking at them, touching them, marveling at them or even meditating with them! Sometimes, when I need to boost certain energy when I send healing to someone, I even place a crystal or two in my sacred space. I usually keep a particular one under my pillow. I wear them in jewelry, I sleep with

them, I carry them around and I even make crystal water (sometimes). Yep, I am pretty crazy about them. Also, when I'm too tired to give myself some healing there are 2 things I do to quickly help myself without bugging anyone, especially if it's late, I either take Bach flower remedies or grab a crystal, sometimes both. Anyway, before I became this obsessed with crystals I had a few pieces of stone here and there and had jewelry with stones, nothing out of ordinary. But even then, there was one particular thing I wanted. It was a black obsidian mirror.

I'm not clairvoyant but the idea of scrying always intrigued me. I first got a crystal ball but then I just loved its energy, it was bright and cheery so I couldn't really focus, I was just 'giddy' when I played around with it. So it wasn't quite the effect I was looking for. Then I heard of black mirror scrying. I was intrigued but I held myself back from acquiring one because I felt that clairvoyance was never my strong suit, by that time I wasn't sure I should even invest in it. I mean, I so understand why Hermione Granger hates divination class, crystal gazing isn't her thing. I feel the same! Let me do other types of magic, any time, just don't ask me to scry!!! Besides, I was intimidated, black obsidian has quite a reputation!

All of the obsidian varieties are known to reflect and show the truth, the good and the ugly --among other things, and the black variety shows no mercy in doing so. To be honest, it does sound scary. I mean, if I still have a lot of lessons I haven't learned or didn't want to learn, then the obsidian will show that and it can punch me right in the face with brutal honesty. That doesn't sound very gentle, does it? So I never got one...until recently. Well, I did own a couple of obsidian pieces, but they were not the black variety, and definitely not in the 'mirror' form. Several days ago I was going through my crystals and thought that maybe it was time for me to try to work with the black obsidian mirror. My interest in crystals has grown over the years and I felt like I could understand crystal work a lot more now so it might be a good time to actually 'get to know' the black obsidian mirror. Besides, I also felt like I needed to know if there was still something I didn't see about myself, something I might not want to see. I wanted to face my stuff head-on, get it over and done with! Because once the work is done, I should feel much better, right?

I'm going to be honest with you. If you want to do your inner work, personal or spiritual growth

or shadow work, you don't really need an obsidian. Our inner demons are usually disguised as issues in life that we have to face so if we just solve our problems then we already are working on our growth and dealing with our shadow. We only need to really look, our life lessons are thrown at us whether we want them or not (on a conscious level), you don't need to seek them out. So if you are trying to understand your soul lessons, you really don't need to search for the black mirror, you really don't. However, if you feel drawn to it, then it's a different story.

So, if I don't need the mirror, why did I get it? Just as mentioned above, I like crystals. Besides, I don't always understand my issues. I might be staring at my own inner demons in the face but I might not see them. Often, we, humans, see problems, we see issues but we don't really see the cause, especially when the cause is something that exists in our inner world. And I can be quite blind. If you remember about me and my dreams, you might have noticed that my dreams are pretty direct because I can easily misinterpret them. It's the same with life situations. I feel like I don't always see the real cause of the problem and I definitely don't see myself the way others see me. So I thought that a little boost would be good. Something that allows me to work with seeing my stuff on a more conscious level might be helpful. And I thought of the black mirror. I mean, if I work with it and stuff comes up then I will know for sure the mirror is trying to tell me something, right? Compared to when things happen in life and I might say "oh, that's just life", or "it's one of those days" and then I wouldn't even notice what I was supposed to learn from those situations. I needed, or at least I thought I needed something more direct.

And so I was wishing I had a black obsidian mirror... and the universe responded! The next

day, while I was out with a friend, I suddenly noticed that the shop where we were sold the black mirrors!!! I've been to that shop many times before, I don't remember seeing them. Not every crystal shop sells those and this place wasn't even a crystal shop, although they now have a small collection of crystals. However, after the purchase, I panicked. I thought "what if I do have a lot of stuff to work on but managed to avoid it all until now and it all comes crashing on me?". I do have enough on my plates and believe me I don't need more problems. But on the other hand, if I have worked on (most of) my issues then there should be nothing to worry about, right? The mirror doesn't bring any problems, it just shows the truth and I was scared of what that truth maybe! Still, I decided to face it head-on. Might as well get it over and done with because once the lessons are learned, I'm sure I'll be happier!

That night, I meditated with it but didn't really feel anything. Then I took it to bed with me and had it under my pillow. Believe it or not, I actually had a nice dream. That was unexpected. It was a nice surprise. The following night I placed it on my forehead as I sometimes would with other crystals, and I started getting a headache so I had to stop. Actually, that was the only time it gave me a headache when I placed it on my forehead. Then I placed it on my belly and I fell asleep. I was asleep for about an hour, I had a long and intense dream and once it was over, I woke up. It was as if I got knocked out to receive a 'vision' and then brought back to consciousness once the message was relayed. I don't remember every detail even though I started writing it down as soon as I was awake. It was really intense and I think I know what it was about. Now, THAT, was really interesting. I've been having intense dreams every night ever since.

Although it has been only a week, this mirror has grown on me and I like it. So far, I've been working with it mostly at night before I go to sleep, mainly because I've been busy and I could unwind before bedtime. I've only worked with it during the day time once and it was really

nice. Like other black crystals, obsidian is a protection stone and it can absorb negative energy from you so if you use it in this way, so it can be helpful in centering yourself and thus

gives calming effects. However, if you like crystals and are looking for something to help you sleep, I would still recommend something else, something soothing and calming. I don't think obsidian is one of those 'sweet dreams' stones. As a matter of fact, I had trouble falling asleep again after that 'vision' and had to grab another, more soothing, crystal. The vision/dream wasn't bad but it was really intense and once my mind started racing, trying to understand the meaning of it, I became too 'awake' to ease back into the dream land again.

I can't say for everyone that this is what to expect when you work with a black obsidian mirror. We all are different. We may experience different things while working with crystals, especially with this particular one and I'm only sharing my personal experience with this black obsidian mirror because I find it interesting and very different from other crystals in the way it works with me. I have come to really like this black mirror and I even carry it with me in a pouch. I am looking forward to get to know it better, like a good friend who wouldn't hesitate to tell me when I'm off my path. I know it has been a short time since I got it but I really think we are off to a great start of our friendship!

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