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What Is Energy Healing, Anyway?

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Energy is a big subject and while I don't intend to cover everything about energy and energy healing, I do want to get a few things straight. First thing first, what is energy? We're not talking about the power to create electricity, I'm pretty sure you know that already. What we are talking about here is the subtle frequency, the vibration, the electro-magnetic field, the vitality, the life force! Everything vibrates. Well, that makes sense, because everything is made of atoms! And if everything vibrates, then everything also creates some sort of energy field. I often bring up earth's magnetic field and plant's electric fields when I want to talk about human's biofield (human electromagnetic field) because if everything else on this planet has its own energy field, then why should we be any different? In fact, you can read about how human body creates electromagnetic field here:

Those energy fields don't just exist, by the way, they also interact. You can easily google Schumann resonance and its affect on plants, or on humans to learn more about our earth's magnetic field and how it affects living beings on this planet. I'm not going to even go there in this blog post. There are a lot of researches and articles on this that you can read to your heart's content! Energy fields exist, and they interact, so what? This means that one field can influence another, this already implies that energy fields can be manipulated, influenced on and changed. There can be so many uses to this implication. As a matter of fact, nature already employs this to its advantage. Take bees, for example, they find flowers by detecting the flower's electric field. (If you want more details on how that works, I suggest reading this article: We humans also have a type of communication based on energy fields, we just don't realize it. Often though, we feel it. We feel it when we enter a place before anyone could tell us anything. We feel a change of mood when someone enters the room. We often register the feelings though we don't understand what it is. In fact, I'm sure you have met people with such calm presence that it also makes you feel more peaceful. What is that calm presence if not a very balanced and calm energy field? I know I'm throwing in a few links in my post today, bear with me, you can skip them, if you don't feel like reading them. With that said, here's the next link on human heart and its electromagnetic field:,any%20of%20the%20body's%20organs.&text=The%20heart's%20magnetic%20field%20can,the%20body%20by%20sensitive%20magnetometers.

I think now we pretty much are on the same page, we have energy fields! With the awareness

that the energy fields exist, interact, can influence one another comes the fact that it can be utilized to our advantage. Luckily, there are various energy healing modalities out there that aim at restoring balance to your well-being so we don't need to invent anything new, although scientists will always invent new technology and provide us with even more options, which is not a bad thing at all! And though the mechanism of energy healing is still a mystery and science doesn't understand how all of the energy healing modalities work, many things are proven to work. There has been an increase in interest on this topic and more and more leading hospitals are offering various complementary health services to their patients for extra support during the recovery process. Even with science aside, we know energy healing works. Those of us who have tried know it works. The least to expect during a session like Reiki session would be relaxation. A lot of people report pain relief as well as the relaxed feeling.

While I cannot speak for healing modalities that I don't use, such as acupuncture, sound healing, Qigong and so on, because I simply lack the knowledge and experience, I can only speak of what I know, which is Reiki, Bach flower remedies and mind-body connection work like meditation/visualization. (If you are interested in energy medicine in general, and if you enjoy scientific articles, you might want to check this article out: I have touched on the subject of meditation (and indirectly about visualization) before so I'm not going through that again here. I might dedicate a separate post on visualization one of these day, who knows? Now back to the topic. Let's go to flower essences like Bach flower remedies first. As I mentioned above, flowers have electric fields. And the question isn't about whether or not the field exists, it's more about the quality. Let me get a little sidetracked again, just for a bit. I'm sure you've heard of forest bathing. Why does it work? I would say it's the energy of the trees and plants in the forest that attribute to the results. I mean, if you take a walk in the concrete jungle, you won't get the same benefits, would you? Does it mean that big cities lack energy and there is zero energy? Or is it the quality of the energy that big cities, with all their habitants and machines radiate that doesn't give the same effect as the trees and plants? So now let's agree that there are different qualities of energy. Now we can return to the flowers. So flowers have

energy fields and just as different plants have different chemical compounds, flowers (and plants) can have different qualities in their energy fields and Dr. Edward Bach discovered a system of flower essences that can assist us in our healing process. Basically, flower essences are the 'captured' energy of flowers and we use them to help influence on or restore balance to our own energy fields.

What about Reiki? With Reiki it is a little more complexed. Actually, I'll will write a separate

post on my journey with Reiki, but for now let me try to shortly explain. I won't go into the esoteric side of things, I'm not an esoteric teacher or master and I'm not here to teach about Reiki, well, at least not in this post. What I can say is, for Reiki practitioners, similarly to other hands-on energy healing practitioners, we don't use our personal energy, and we definitely don't try to use our energy fields to influence the recipients. What we do is we channel the healing energy to the recipients. Like I mentioned earlier, we do not fully understand how and we might not have the technology to prove it just yet, so I cannot explain to you how exactly the energy is channeled and why it works that way. (This article is probably the closest attempt to explaining how Reiki works: What we do know, is that Reiki practitioners are able to channel this energy to the recipients and then allow that energy to interact with the energy of the recipients for the benefits of the recipients, themselves. So all I wanted to say was that everything vibrates, everything is and has energy and energy can be utilized for enhancing our well-being, and that is what energy healing is about!

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