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Numerology is an art. Some call it a belief system, in which the divine communicates with us through numbers. Numerology can be considered a form of divination just like tarot reading, astrology or palmistry. In numerology, the meanings are contained within numbers. Each number has its own vibration and energy, from which we can learn to understand symbolically our environment, ourselves and the universe, if only we can understand the meaning of the numbers and how they work.

Personal numerology report is calculated from the person's birthday and names. This chart can tell so much about the person, his or her characters, tendency, potentials and even life lessons or purpose. Quite often when going through difficult times, we get lost, we lose ourselves, we're unsure of what to do, how to go on. Numerology can help guide us on our quest to living this life the best we can. And from the numerology report, it becomes more apparent which aspects may need to heal. From there your personalized healing journey can begin. You will be guided every step of the way with our numerology healing package. Or simply request your numerology report without a healing plan to begin with.

Let me share my personal experience with you. At first, I was only 'interested', I was curious and it was fun to make the charts for people I knew, but then the more I spent time with it, the more I realized how powerful it is. When began to understand and see more depth of each number, I understood that this is something really special. 

Think about it, numbers are everywhere, we constantly see numbers on the calendar, our phone, street numbers and so on. We all have our own special numbers which comprise our birthdate. When I really look, with the understanding that I now have, I see messages everywhere. I saw that the time for me to face certain issues that I had been avoiding was coming when I saw the apartment number I was moving in to. I saw that we would have to face challenges we never did before in 2020, just by looking at 2020 alone. When I give numerology readings, I see the beauty in each of my clients' souls, I see their strength, life challenges, I see where my clients need to heal and when they see their reflections in the numbers, a lot of things begin to fall into places. They also begin to realize that they are more than what they had thought and truly see themselves and seeing is the first step to solving any problem. Seeing allows you to prepare and equip yourself what what you may need to take on the challenges your soul has chosen for this life. Seeing and knowing, allow you to be more in control of your life situation. Knowing who you truly are and what you are about is a big step towards steering your life into the right direction, to where it should go, so you can be more aligned and happier. And I can help you see that, if you only allow yourself to try!


Interested in understanding more of numerology? Enroll in my Numerology Basics Course here! If you already know your numbers but want help to stay in balance, try my Healing with Numbers Course. You can choose to work with one or a few numbers, you can also purchase the whole bundle! Also watch the videos below to understand more about numerology:

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Interested in learning about your personal numerology chart? Book a session now!

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