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Hi! I'm Keadar. I'm a healer and I'm passionate about helping people to discover their happier and healthier selves. With everything going on in the world, we need to be more centered and grounded than ever and there's no more perfect time than now to take care of ourselves on every level, physical, mental, emotional and energetic! Let me assist you on your path and begin to experience the transformation!

Healing runs in my family. Generations of healers in my lineage has passed on their gift and desire to help others. No matter what I studied or did, I would always find time to practice spirituality, learn more about healing, acquire more knowledge and understanding on various types of energy work, from healing, to consultation with numerology, to dreams interpretation to crystal work. I have always been drawn to and involved in energy work all my life and I'm quite passionate about helping people. There's so much more to healing than assisting recovery from illnesses. You can keep your stress level and mental health in check. You can heal energy blocks and and improve your life situations. You can become happier and suddenly everything flows. You can become more aligned with your higher self and re-discover your true power! There is so much an energy work and healing can do for you. Just allow yourself to make that decision. Choose the better, healthier and happier version of you!


Have you noticed that some people don't need to put much effort and things flow for them while some have to work so hard and still keep hitting the wall? Is it just pure luck? Or is it energy? What if I told you that energy blocks can be worked on and healed? 

As a healer, all-round energy worker and problem solver, I can assist you on your path to resolving the blocks in your energy flow and  to discovering your happier self! Whether you feel lost and unsure of who you are, need guidance for your current life situation, need to improve the quality of your life, need support for physical recovery or energy boost, need to resolve energy blocks or cleanse energy, I'm here to help you. The sessions are tailored to suit your needs with the help of different modalities, from counseling with Numerology,  Tarot Therapy , Bach Flowers Therapy, to Crystal Healing and Intuitive Healing. Start with Holistic Energy Counseling to determine which area of your life needs assistance and how to work on it so that you become happier. Give yourself the permission to experience the change. Book your session and begin your healing journey today!

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