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Spirituality VS Psychic Powers

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Let me start this with a few questions. What if I told you that spirituality does not equate to psychic powers? What would be your reaction? What would you think? Would you believe me? And what does spirituality mean to you? What about psychic powers?

Hopefully, I didn't turn your world upside down with the first question. Some of you might

already know this and are not surprised at all, but a lot of people think that spirituality and psychic powers (metaphysics) are one and the same. It's easy to see where the confusion comes from. A lot of spiritual people have some sort of psychic powers, many of them are very intuitive, some are really psychic, others might have other abilities. But is everyone who possesses such powers spiritual?

Allow me to explain how I see it. For me, spirituality is about working with one's own spirit, doing your inner work, growing as an individual, working with the mind so you become more conscious. You can employ many methods to achieve this, including those methods that work on the energy and psychic powers, but the goal is to become more conscious of yourself and your actions, grow as a soul and heal along the way. Psychic abilities deal with the

metaphysics and there are people who aim to develop these abilities without wanting to see themselves, healing themselves from past trauma or wanting to grow as a person and as a soul. By definition, it is quite clear to see the separation, but you might argue that in practice the two go hand in hand. However, it is not so. It took me a while to realize that they don't always go hand in hand. Growing up in Thailand, you would hear stories of monks and rishis (what a lot of Thais would translate into English as 'hermits') who possess super natural powers. The more 'enlightened' they are, the stronger their powers. With that kind of upbringing, it was natural for me to also think that psychic abilities are a great indicator of how spiritual one is. Until I began to notice the discordance, especially in people I know.

I'm not sure if it's because there's almost 70 millions of us Thais (Thailand's population in 2019) so you could find more of the psychic people or it's because the spirituality and 'magic' practices were never suppressed so people can talk about these topics more and thus you find more of those who are psychic. In short, I know a few. I admired them at first. They could do something so extraordinary, especially when I felt, and I really thought, I was 'normal', so I couldn't do those things. I had wished I was psychic as well. I had wished I was clairvoyant like

my mother and those other people I knew. I wanted to be psychic. In fact, my father encouraged me to develop the ability to 'see' as well. He thinks that I'm very special so I should be able to do it. This could be just a dad thing, thinking their child is very special.

However, I'm not clairvoyant. I cannot say that I receive absolutely zero information from the universe, because I do. I'm big on dreams, I see a lot of dreams that give me more insights than just reflecting my personal life situations. In fact, a friend of mine said that, if possible, she would like to plug a tv to my head and see my dreams as some of them really are extraordinary. Some of them are so direct as well. For example, once I had a dream that war broke out, I was trying to dodge the bullets that were flying from every direction, suddenly a voice boomed in the dream 'Freeze!' and everything stopped. The voice said that there was a 'package' for me, I then noticed a wall, walked to it, and some invisible printer printed out something for me, I couldn't decipher it, I couldn't tell if it was even in human tongue but I got the paper with the 'writing'. As soon as I got it, the dream continued, the bullets flying again, people shooting... I woke up confused. I called my father and told him about it and guess what? He told me around the time I was seeing that dream, he was up praying and he sent me thoughts and prayers. No wonder why it wasn't in any language I could recognize! It wasn't even a specific thought about anything specific! He just thought of me and sent me prayers! And I received his message! That wasn't the only time, either, and I have more incredible dreams, so I do receive some information in my dreams now and then.

I also feel things in my hands when I give healing. Every once in a while when I send healing over a distance to someone, I get an image. For example, recently I sent healing to a friend. He told me he had a back pain but when I was about to send him healing, I had an image of a left hip being all black, possibly with dense energy. I sent the healing, texted the guy and he replied that the back pain got better but the pain went to the left hip instead! So I 'saw' it,

didn't I? Sometimes, I have a nagging feeling about something, and that was something I needed to pay attention to or something urgent comes up and I needed to help, take care of or get involved somehow. So while I cannot say that I don't receive any information at all, I can't say I'm psychic/clairvoyant, either. If you asked me something, I wouldn't know how to channel the information for you the way that mediums, clairvoyants and other channels can. I could pick a card for you but I wouldn't be able to just 'download' the information without a medium, be it tarot cards or other symbols. But my father saw the potentials. He thought I could develop my 'senses'. And for many years, I wanted to do so.

I wanted to do it not only because I was fascinated by it but because I thought it would mean I've become more spiritual. Think about it, once you've worked with yourself enough, your mind is quiet, you are open to receiving information and energy so it is natural that some people who practice spirituality develop certain abilities over time. I wanted that. My mother can see, with her eyes open. It takes her a split second to tune into that ability. I know a few others who can see as well. But after a while I noticed that some of them never want to look at themselves. They abuse their power and use their gift in the wrong way. They see, but misinterpret and then act upon the misinterpretation or act upon what they want to happen, the way they want it, not what should be best for everyone involved. They refuse to listen to anyone else, because they 'can see' and thus they are superior. Some of them even cause more pain and suffering to others by using their psychic abilities. Some have no respect for other people's life choices or privacy. Some begin to behave as if everyone else should worship them. Some are down right cruel. I understand that we all are at different phases of our lives and soul development, but if you are spiritual, then you would want to develop and grow. Unfortunately, I know quite a few who refuse to. Is that spiritual?

I've been compared to too many of them and believe me it was frustrating to keep hearing that I wasn't as spiritual only because I could not 'see'. I'm not saying I'm better than all those people. I still have things to learn, to improve, to change and I have my inner work to do, just like everybody else. However, as arrogant as this may sound, I do think it is unfair to be compared to other people based on that criterion and that criterion alone. I might not see everything about myself but I try to be as conscious as possible with my actions and I try not to impose my will on others, I try to help in a way that works for everyone's highest good, with respect, as much as I can. I definitely wasn't thrilled to be compared to psychic people who actually do more harm than good with their abilities.

Luckily, as soon as I realized that psychic abilities do not always indicate the level of spirituality, I could begin to let go of those feelings and continue on my path, with a lot less

frustrations about being compared to others. I still don't particularly enjoy hearing it, and thank god I don't hear a lot of it anymore, but when I hear it, I react much less strongly than before, at times, I just think 'here we go again', but then I can get rid of that annoying feeling soon after. I guess I've made some progress with that! Do I still want to be clairvoyant? In a way, I still think that is very handy so I definitely wouldn't mind having that ability at all, but do I want to set that as a goal and achieve it at all cost? Maybe not! What if I'm supposed to spend my time, energy and effort focusing on something else and I'm more useful to myself and the world that way? Power should come with responsibility. The more power you have, the more conscious you should be of yourself, because otherwise, you might cause a lot of suffering to yourself and others without realizing it. You should at least know what you are doing and why before you even begin to ask if this was the right thing to do, because otherwise, power in the wrong hand is just dangerous. This is why my father kept telling me, for several years, to just meditate, meditate and meditate, if it belongs to your path it will come. I see it now that just because someone is born with psychic abilities or somehow acquired them during the life time, it's still what it is, psychic abilities, and spirituality is spirituality. The two can walk hand in hand, but they are not one and the same.

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