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What Is Your Health Worth To You?

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

I've been thinking a lot about health maintenance lately. I know, I'm a healer, I deal with 'health' all the time and as a healer I try to take care of myself and give myself healing regularly, but lately, health maintenance has been on my mind practically all the time! There are reasons for this and I would like to share my thoughts with you, once again.

First, it's that time of year. It's getting cold and dark in the northern hemisphere and the days are going to be really short soon, here in Finland. Winter blues are kicking in already, I actually caught myself wanting and buying sugary stuff more lately, when I don't usually do that very often. In case the link between sugar and stress isn't obvious to you, let me explain shortly. When we are stress, believe it or not, we do try to cope even when we don't see it. The coping mechanism is very interesting. Some people try to do it in a healthy manner, others just unconsciously do things to make themselves feel better and their coping mechanism might not be the most ideal way, it includes smoking more, eating more comfort food, for some women, impulsive shopping becomes more frequent. Basically, cravings are a good indicator that you need to cheer yourself up somehow. Sugar seems to be on top of that list. Sugar is also addictive, sugar gets you 'high' instantly, unfortunately you also crash soon after the consumption and then you need more, and more...

Second, well, it's still about this time of year, but it's more of a different aspect. This time of year the veil between realms is really thin, so paranormal activities are felt more easily and even when you're not psychic, your energy field might still pick up 'weird' vibes and that causes you to feel uneasy or even scared for no apparent reason. Worse, the numerology of this month also indicates that for some people and places, heightened paranormal activities are to be expected this month more than next month. This is another stressor some of us might be experiencing this month. To be honest, I've already had a few nights of feeling something weird and I said to myself, in my head, that I'm glad I'm not clairvoyant right now, not sure I would like to see what is causing me to feel this... And as if this is not bad enough, the changing weather (and energy in general) is challenging, so we might have to try a little harder to stay healthy and not to catch any bugs flying around out there. Another reason is probably obvious to many people, we have been tested constantly with the restrictions, isolations and so on for a year and a half now. This is really stressful and stress is the underlying cause of so many diseases, which makes sense, if you're constantly stressed out, sooner or later something is going to break, the question is, what? Or more like what will break first?

I'm lazy and I usually don't go out much anyway, so I'm fine spending the 'extra time' on my couch, reading something, but with a lot of this 'extra time' at home, I also have had the opportunity to give myself healing more regularly. Which is a great thing! Then I began to think... Most people who come to me have issues to resolved, something to work on, an aspect of life to improve. That is a wonderful thing, you recognize an issue, you work on it and then your life quality improves! I'm all for that!!! However, I rarely get people who would book a session for maintenance.

I strongly believe that health maintenance is important. That's all we can do, try to maintain good health. We cannot buy health. It's not a spare part to order from a shop. You can't treat it like a product that you can purchase anytime you feel like you want something new or when you want a replacement. It can actually cost you more to have ill health than good health. I'm not talking monetarily wise, although it can be the case as well, but it can cost you quality time with loved ones or activities you enjoy, happiness, joy and just overall well-being. Luckily, more people are aware of this so more and more people are trying to lead a healthy life style and exercise more. Still, we are complex beings, so sometimes, we need more than that. Some of us might need extra help here and there. Some go to massage therapists, some even get deeper into nutrition and consume more healthy products or even consult herbalists for extra support they can get from herbs. All of these are great for maintaining good health. However, I would also love to see more people get energy healing regularly.

As you know, energy is everywhere and in everything. Our thoughts are energy, or emotions also contain energy and things often begin on the energy side before it manifest into something physical. So for me, it would make sense to have a regular maintenance regime to clear up any dense energy before it manifests into something else. Besides, energy healing sessions are relaxing so it can be a nice way to treat yourself every now and then, just to decompress and unwind. There's actually another thing I keep thinking about when I think about health maintenance.

A few years ago I went to listen to a free seminar on an acupuncture program. I'm more into the energy side of things but working with meridians also seemed interesting so I went to listen. I'm actually afraid of needles so I never enrolled in the program but it was still interesting to listen to the talk. The instructor mentioned something intriguing that is still stuck in my mind today. She mentioned that there are people who do facial acupuncture for cosmetics reasons. Turns out there are people who also offer something like 'acupressure for facelift'! The program instructor said that although it works, but she thought the whole point was kind of missed. She said you should aim to improve your health and once you are healthy, your skin might clear up and the whole aging process can slow down so you maintain the younger look for longer. And I think she was right. If you are super healthy, that will be visible on your face and on your skin, too, and although we all age, and that's a natural part of life, we don't need to accelerate the aging process by having bad health and look 50 years older than we actually are! By the way, even if you try to have acupressure or acupuncture for "face lift" effects, your body's energy will still be stimulated, so you can't totally skip the connection with the health improvement part of it. Actually, from what I know, if you're system is so clogged up and toxins cannot be flushed out fast enough, you might even get detox symptoms after acupuncture, acupressure or reflexology. These symptoms will go away within a few days and as your health improve, you will experience less of these symptoms and then you might not experience them again after a few treatments.

Although energy healing like Reiki is spiritual in nature and deals more with the energy side of things, it really does help you with your physical health. It helps clears energy blocks at the root cause of the problem and if you catch it early enough then you can remove that energy from potentially causing physical health issues later, and as a result, you can improve and maintain your health. While I don't encourage people to experiment with Reiki to achieve something like the "face lift" effect, I don't see the harm in using energy healing to improve health and quality of life, so much so that you actually look super healthy (or even younger as a side effect)!!! In the end, what is living when you have ill health? Even dying from old age doesn't mean that you reach a certain age, which is considered old, and then you drop dead. Usually, something in you gives up working, an organ fails to function. We're not immortal, we never were, but between birth and death, we can choose to have good health and live a happier life, and maybe push death a little further by maintaining good health. Often, how you live your (adult) life is your choice. Hopefully, with what we are going through and trying to quickly boost our immune system to fight the current situation, we have come to to realize how important it is to take good care of our health. Although I'm sure there are people who think that they can just take the shots and forget about it. Hopefully, more have begun to take their health situation more seriously. I cannot tell you what your health and quality of life should be worth to you. You have to be the one to decide if it's worth taking care. So how much is your health worth to you?

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